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When recruiting, we always focus more on who people are than what they can do. With that in mind, please pick 3 words that best describe you, and let’s see if we’ve got chemistry.

Aye, aye sir! We’ve got great chemistry! You should consider joining us!Hmm...our chemistry is a bit off. That’s odd. Are you sure you picked the right elements?

You had us at ‘humor’! You see, we’re all corporate by mind – and social by heart. So, just like you we believe that personality and performance go hand in hand.
At the same time, you’ve got a funny bone — which will fit perfectly into our culture. We believe in a workplace that is informal and professional at the same time.
Last — but certainly not least — your humorous personality will fit like a glove here. You see, to us shipping is all about the chemistry between people.
Couldn’t wait to see your result, huh? Just like you, we’re curious! You know, the kind of people who constantly look for new adventures and to expand horizons.
Moreover, your curiosity is a perfect trait as we’ve grown a culture with room to try, fail, and learn — along with plenty of opportunities to explore and grow your talent.
Lastly, your curiosity will come in handy at Uni-Tankers. We don’t just offer you a job. We offer you a journey. Ready to board?
Firstly, we care much more about dedication than diplomas. Dedication is what fuels our journey — and what fosters the unique chemistry between us.
Also, dedication is deeply rooted in our DNA. We’re in it together — on an adventurous journey fueled by passionate people with bright minds and clever hands.
On a final note, dedication is what it’s all about. It’s the fuel that drives us forward together and what makes our hearts beats faster when we navigate unknown waters.
Ouch! We were cheering for you and now this!? Despite choosing Arrogance, your other qualities are promising, and we always appreciate honesty.
But arrogance?!? Really? Sure you didn’t mean elegance? We don’t like arrogance. But then, nobody’s perfect.
To us, shipping is a matter of great chemistry between people, so there’s no room for arrogant people here. Sorry.
Yes! We’re all about dreaming big – and your ambition will help turn dreams into reality. Ambition is about unleashing your full potential so we can make a difference.
Additionally, your can-do attitude will be vital, as we continue our ambitious and adventurous growth journey. It’s a journey we can take together.
Finally, at Uni-Tankers, we believe people don’t just work with us, they grow with us. And your ambition will be the fuel that drives us forward together.
Oh, we love people with empathy! After all, Uni-Tankers is like a big family, and that means we truly care for each other – professionally and personally.
Fundamentally, Uni-Tankers is a family-owned business, so your empathy will perfectly complement our culture of strong internal relationships
When it comes to the crunch, your empathy will be vital. To create the right chemistry, we need people who listen, people who care, and people who help.
Wow! This could be the start of something beautiful. Can you see it? Of course, you can – you have vision! Here, we empower people with vision to make real change.
On top of that, your vision can help shape our next chapter. We believe in embracing new ideas and opportunities, but it takes vision to identify the right path.
Essentially, we see ourselves as leaders and leadership requires vision. With your vision, we will look to build a greener future for our company and our industry.
Team spirit first up?! That deserves a high five! In shipping, teamwork is the golden rule. Because when we all pull in the same direction, everyone wins.
Your team spirit also stands out. We love to win at Uni-Tankers, but we also know winning sometimes means doing the hard yards, while someone else scores the goal.
Finally, we’re thrilled to meet someone who will pick up a teammate when they’re down or share a heavy burden for the greater good. Team spirit is like gold dust!
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